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Delivering great audio to our customers is at the heart of where our passion lies. We are very serious about bringing a great listening experience to our customers in their everyday vehicles, you would probably not think that due to the friendly, good natured staff but make no mistake they are highly trained audiophiles.  Check out some of the vehicles we have done work to HERE

We believe the most important aspect of installing any great audio system is that it not interfere with what the vehicle was originally intended to do, whether that be a truck, semi, car, boat, golf cart, UTV,  or jet ski. The stereo system should blend seamlessly into the vehicles interior and enhance the quality of the vehicle so you cannot tell where the manufacturer left off and where we began. It should immerse you in great sound and make all your commutes more enjoyable, you should look forward to driving again. If you do want an over the top crazy insane one of a kind show car, we do that too.






The brands we carry are very important to us. We believe there is more to a product than the product itself, that is why we make it a point to only partner with manufactures of the highest standards and that align their business model and philosophies with ours.  With our strong reputation for quality we are able to choose what brands we carry and are never left with or forced to take second best. When you buy a product from Sound Connection you know that the product itself and the company were put to the test so you can buy with confidence.



 We know in order to achieve great quality audio the product is only part of the equation; the rest relies on our strong understanding of 12 volt electronics, acoustical theory, advanced fabrication skills, and some pretty amazing tools.  Lastly tuning of your new system is probably the most important and often most overlooked part of the entire process. We have a very scientific and highly accurate method for doing this which drastically reduces the amount of damaged product due to abuse and down time for our customers, not to mention we get the most out of every system we tune.

Stop in and let the experts at Sound Connection help you choose the perfect system and start to enjoy driving again.



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