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Echomaster PCAM-JP3

Echomaster PCAM-JP3

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Spare tire mount cameras are designed to improve safety during driving by providing high-quality images of surrounding areas and obstacles in the vehicle's vicinity. They will also improve vehicle maneuvering capability by displaying blindspots not normally visible to the driver.



Most aftermarket tire mount cameras only allow a 12 o’clock mounting location. Still, the PCAM-JP3 allows you to mount the camera anywhere on the spare tire, giving you the clearest viewing angle possible!


The PCAM-JP3 features parking lines to make life a whole lot easier whether you are parallel parking, reversing in tight situations, or need to see obstacles behind you when off-roading.


The PCAM-JP3 mounting bracket is built with off-roading in mind. Unlike most standard powder-coated mounts, the PCAM-JP3 camera mount is made with thicker 12-gauge steel and zinc-infused coating to withstand harsh elements and prevent rusting. The IP67-rated camera will withstand significant vibration, mud, and dirt on even the rockiest of terrain.


1/3” CMOS Sensors

Operates at 0.5 LUX

IP67 Rated

170 Degree Viewing Angle

Parking Lines: Selectable

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