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20Twenty Lighting® Perfect Fit LED Headlights, 9004 Bulbs

20Twenty Lighting® Perfect Fit LED Headlights, 9004 Bulbs

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The 20Twenty® Lighting Perfect Fit LED bulb was designed with four main ideas in mind:

1 - Perfect Fitment into any headlight housing.
These bulbs were specifically designed to closely mimic the size and shape of your original halogen light bulb for a no hassle installation.

2 - Perfect Beam Pattern.
We achieve this due to the alignment and design of the low-profile copper PCB and Philips Z ES "CSP" style LED chips. This LED configuration creates a similar light output profile when
compared with the original filament bulb for an accurate beam pattern.

3. Significantly better output.
Most halogen incandescent headlights produce roughly 1,000 lumens per light bulb. The 20Twenty® Perfect Fit LED Headlights produce 2,500 lumens. That's more than twice as bright as your
factory bulbs with less power consumption and a easy plug and play installation.

4. Has to be reliable.
With years of research, testing, and field testing we believe we have produced the most reliable LED headlight bulb on the market. We combined the perfect balance of light output with power
consumption negating the need for noisy and failure prone fans. These bulbs need only the small high quality aviation aluminum heat sink to cool them off. They are equipped with a
sophisticated thermal protection circuit to avoid failures due to overheating. If for some reason the bulbs heat up to an unsafe temperature the thermal management chip will reduce the light
output until they cool off. That means they will never get so hot that they burn out which is the most common problem with LED headlights. This all happens 100% automatically and ensures
the longest possible lifespan for your bulbs. We also use genuine Philips Z ES "CSP" style LED chips that have a higher heat-resistance rating than other similar versions. If someone is selling a
bulb that looks like this for less they are most likely using an imitation chip and it will have a dramatic effect on output and longevity.

Technical Specifications:
16W Per Bulb
2,500 Lumen Per Bulb
1.17A Power Draw at 14VDC Per Single Beam Bulb
1.26A Power Draw at 14VDC Per Dual Beam Bulb
Input voltage: 9-16V DC
Color temperature: 6,000K
Aluminum: 1070
Waterproof: IP 67
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