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The Escort MAX 360c MKII is a high-performance radar and laser detector with advanced connectivity. We started with our legendary quality and ease of use and improved on it with the latest hardware available. The MAX 360c MKII radar detector now features an upgraded dual-antenna platform, Blackfin DSP chip, and dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity. The result is better detection performance delivered more quickly and fewer false alerts to distract you from your drive. 

  • Exceptional range

    The M13 platform with dual antennas provides exceptional detection range and sensitivity.

  • Lightning fast performance

    Blackfin DSP processes signals immediately so you can react with plenty of time.

  • Dramatically quieter ride

    Outstanding false alert filtering effectively reduces CAS, BSM, and other false radar signals.

  • AutoLearn intelligence

    Intelligent GPS-based software learns your route and rejects repeated false alert locations.

  • Shared network alerts

    Get advance warning of laser and radar alerts from other connected detectors.

  • Connected car compatible

    Dual-band Wi-Fi enables OTA software updates and connection to Drive Smarter.

  • Radar detectors are not available for purchase in Washington D.C. or Virginia and orders will be cancelled and refunded.

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