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ESCORT MAXcam 360c Radar & Dash Cam

ESCORT MAXcam 360c Radar & Dash Cam

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The Complete Driver Alert System: Radar Detector & Dash Cam

Reveal the road ahead with the MAXcam 360c, Escort’s complete driver alert system that turbo boosts your road awareness with the perfect blend of hardware, software, and community. Maximize your drive with a system that is engineered for excellence. The MAXcam 360c delivers exceptional detection performance combined with advanced video protection. 

  • Exceptional range

    Get exceptional detection range and sensitivity with the same Blackfin 706 DSP and SDR AD 9363 chips in our flagship Redline 360c radar detector.

  • Outstanding filtering

    Improved hardware and software provides you with outstanding filtering and a quieter drive so you can focus on the right alerts at the right time.

  • 360° directional awareness

    Know what's happening all around you with 360° directional arrows so you can react and adjust to the location of the alert.

  • QHD video (1440P)

    Capture 78% more pixels with 1440P resolution and impressive low-light performance with the Sony Starvis sensor and Ambarella SoC chip.

  • Advanced safety and security

    Emergency Mayday Alert, Incident Reports, and Parking Mode features ensure maximum protection for you, your cargo, and your vehicle.

  • Cloud video management

    Instantly store, edit and share footage from anywhere with built-in Wi-Fi and instant access to your videos.

  • Radar detectors are not available for purchase in Washington D.C. or Virginia and orders will be cancelled and refunded.

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